NEW ALBUM NEWS : 'When We Were Raw'

I've just scheduled my new album 'When We Were Raw' for digital release on December 5, because I have some big personal tragic stuff to deal with at the moment so I'm taking every day at a time and living with prayers and hope. I plan on making some videos and shoot a bunch of new photos once my mascara stops permanently running. I think this album is my best work in spite of 18 months of total emotional exhaustion, losing half a stone and gaining life lessons. I got to play everything pop, country, jazz, indie, reggae and some Rn'B but they all sound like me (Marcie) so I'm happy. Thanks for keeping the faith, I'll be back better and stronger soon! :)

Track Listing is:

1. When We Were Raw
2. Anything Country
3. That’s Not Rock And Roll
4. 2008 (Twenty o’ Eight)
5. That's What Hurt Me The Most
6. Feel Like I’m 21
7. More than one way to love
8. Keep Ups
9. Eff U
10. Blindside

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