Is that the time?

It's past midnight and I'm still working on emails, ordering band gear and writing to all manner of radio presenters, promoters and venues to get my show on the road. I have no idea how I ever managed 9-5 when I was playing in bands part-time too a few years ago, because it really is much more than a regular full time job being a professional now. However this time I am a solo singer and have had to do everything that a band would usually divvy up between them. I soooo would love a manager right now!

I was lucky enough to have my song 'Bet on Me' played on DJ Kevin Mann's Sunday Spread shows at Total Radio UK, and, and being sandwiched around Pink and Maroon 5 was fantastic, I am a fan of them both.

'Valid' the album is on sale at Amazon and Google Play and a few others and i-tunes (I'm told) should be adding it soon too so I am thrilled my music is gradually being heard more

Being heard is the bit that really matters to me and from then on all I can do is to carry on improving and writing new songs. I have three of four gems (by my standard) already sketched out for my next album but that won't be until very late this year or early next. The rest of this year is about getting out there on stage wherever I get a chance. I have tried festivals too so hope to hear back so I can book my summer holidays :)

I was out on Monday with a great photographer friend who is going to be shooting four new music videos for me plus a lot of stills. I am planning on doing 'Scratch', 'Fine', 'Valid' and 'At Seventeen' (cover version) so I can add them to YouTube and reach more new fans. We looked at a great studio in deepest Cambridgeshire and I have seen pictures of another fantastic couple of venues so we are waiting for dates now so I can get a shoot schedule planned.

Phew!! I'm so tired but just to say I am so pleased you are sticking with me and continuing to support me in Facebook, Twitter and beyond.
We are all #Valid in our own sweet way :)!

Marcie x

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