On getting my claws out

I've just finished the lead vocal for my next song 'Scratch' and I have been really fussy about everything, fussier than ever. I work on my diction a lot and never realised it matters until I heard some recent stuff on the radio the other day and couldn't make out a word of what it was all about. Why write meaningful lyrics if they are going to be mumbled or drowned out in the mix?

From when I was little I had a bad lisp and only in the past few years I had speech therapy and worked hard in my acting classes to try and improve it. I'm very self conscious and still feel I have it there but to me it sounds better than it did and improving my diction has helped...Shakespeare monologues have really helped a lot and a brilliant few tips I had from a teacher at Drama School, thanks Ann.

My video camera is broken so I won't have it back for a few weeks. I can't wait to upload 'Scratch' but I want to do the video at the same time as it will help when I promote it, so I am going to hold off my excitement in uploading it.
I was told today by a close friend who gets to hear it first that it's my best song so far, I think so too. It has me getting a bit heaver musically and I had to push out the vocal a lot more and totally got off on it :)

My next song came to me yesterday when I was driving.It's called 'Dungaree Man' and will be either track #7 or the final track on my next album project. I call them 'album's' because despite being unsigned and not having any help with this I like to think I'm a record buying member of the public too and as I've heard a zillion albums I think I have a good idea of the running order of my songs. I also had five songs I was originally going to put on the album but wrote four better ones and immediately had to put them in. Sometimes you just know and 'Dungaree Man' is another one. I haven't written the middle 8 yet but can hear the arrangement in my head like it's finished and I'm going to keep it simple and soft in places.
I see companies online that offer professional mastering services so I may try that and see if my songs can me remixed a little better too. I would love just to sing and write and not have to worry so much about setting cameras up and hours and hours of mixing, but from little acorns to getting my claws out I suppose :)

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