On not warbling like a Diva

Wow it's been a busy time since I last blogged. I decided to push on making videos for my songs so I can get them on You Tube. In my experience most people like to see something visually to better appreciate the songs so I am planning a video for every new songs I do, plus I will probably do two or three more from my first project.

I practice every day now and yesterday I was making the 'I Grew Up today' video which took from 3pm-6pm and then 7.30-3am, so all in all it took the usual 10 hours or so. I'm planning on recording one or two new songs in the next two weeks plus I now have 10 songs I am trying to get together for a live set. It keeps evolving because as I record a new song I'm challenged to play it live if I think it's the same level as my others and good enough to go in my set. Of course it's what my fans think that counts but I'm a fan too so I hope I have a good feel for knowing what my best songs are, although please tell me yourselves, I would love some feedback :)

I'm really fussy too because I wasn't happy with my intonation in one of my songs so I re-did it this morning. After singing 'I Grew Up today' a zillion times yesterday for the video shoot I found I was hitting everything much better with my range and although I would love to have professional lessons I try and do as much as I can myself with breathing exercises I learned as an actress. I know I will never be a three octave Diva like lots I admire so I try and keep with my own comfortable range. My songs mean more there than if I were to try and be a 'real' or 'proper' singer as I call them. I'm happy with me and that's the best place I've been in for ages.

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