A Princess for one day

Since I last blogged on January 16 I have been really busy. After seeking some festival gigs and finding out that some of them won't allow me to use backing tapes, I have advertised for a band. Having been in…Read more

Is that the time?

It's past midnight and I'm still working on emails, ordering band gear and writing to all manner of radio presenters, promoters and venues to get my show on the road. I have no idea how I ever managed 9-5 when…Read more

From little acorns to big ears

So my song 'Scratch' is at #1 in NumberOne Music's Pop chart in the UK and #6 for all Genres in the UK? I am very grateful people are playing my songs because this chart is based on number of…Read more

Me and the boys..I mean toys

I am sooo pleased, I finally finished my next 'album' or collection as I prefer to call it whilst I am unsigned and doing all this music making including mixing, tears and tantrums) on my own :)

The final song…Read more

The Fame Game

I was asked this today in an email from a fan:

"Do you ever wonder why you're not famous already???"

This was my reply:

"I only started on this trail last October and since then have gradually been writing and…Read more

Dungaree Man at Midnight

I had to sing 'Dungaree Man' last night at around midnight, because it was pin drop quiet and I turned the lights off and sang it in the dark with my eyes closed a lot and really felt it more…Read more

On getting my claws out

I've just finished the lead vocal for my next song 'Scratch' and I have been really fussy about everything, fussier than ever. I work on my diction a lot and never realised it matters until I heard some recent stuff…Read more

On not warbling like a Diva

Wow it's been a busy time since I last blogged. I decided to push on making videos for my songs so I can get them on You Tube. In my experience most people like to see something visually to better…Read more

The Overnighters

I said in my last blog post I would concentrate on rehearsing my set but I lied! I started humming a tune on Monday morning in the kitchen, and within an hour or so I had it down complete on…Read more

An epiphany: Finding my groove...I just did!

Over the past two days I've inadvertently been drawn back to working on half-finished songs for my next album. After recording the first two new songs ('Bet on Me' and 'My Sweet Armageddon') I've found my own style. On my…Read more

Bet on Me Video

I did a video for 'Bet on Me' today, It will be featured in my live set along with other tracks in my next album. I did an acoustic version of Bet on me too and will upload that later…Read more

My writing dilemma

I have seven songs for my next 'album' in progress and being written simultaneously. I tend to flit around and add words and melodies as they come to me when I'm walking around the house, or out in the car…Read more