Singing vs Acting

It's official..I love acting but I've always loved playing music better. It gives me something far more personal and I can make up my own words and say them any which way I want to..probably why I enjoy Improvisational acting…Read more

Bet on coming soon

I am recording the final music tracks for 'Bet on Me', but am releasing it online on Friday now as my vocal session is delayed until late tonight and I want this to be my best song so far technically…Read more

The Live set is in progress

Back from Atlantic City holiday/party break and ran through live set today. 6 songs from PEB plus I will add 4 brand new songs and maybe two or three covers. I think 13 will be enough for now. then I…Read more

Nobody said it was easy

I practised my songs today and although I spent hours working on my album over the past few months, playing the songs live is going to be more painful than I remembered! I haven't rehearsed with a band or played…Read more

A clear direction

I have decided my music career is here to stay and I can run it quite happily with my career as an actress. There is no law to say I have to choose between two things I love and will…Read more

The past midnight oil

I was up til 3am last night tweaking remixes on my album as I played it in my car and there were some minor changes I had to make. I also needed to design a CD cover so that got…Read more

All my own work

Somebody asked me today if I played guitar on my album as he liked it?
For the record I have added this to my Bio:

'Partially Estranged Babygirl' album - All Songs written by Marcie Mycroft,
Lead and Backing Vocals…Read more

Learning my own songs from the record!

Practiced my songs on my guitar last night as I need to learn them now so I can play them live :)!! That's the way I work, I write on guitar, scribble chords down and develop on the guitar until…Read more

Doing my best

I started off with a few songs and before I knew it had an album with the help of Reverb Nation got into letting people other than good friends hear it, as I was a little scared being at…Read more