British Indie Pop Singer/Songwriter/Musician (and Jill of all trades) Marcie Mycroft is looking for some help and support so she can just write, play her guitar and tour and we can all live happily ever after :)!

“Hiya! OMG this is a big experiment and hellishly scary but thanks for visiting my page! I’ve been writing songs and playing guitar in bands since I was 16 but had so many other strings to my bow that took over and a few other issues to deal with, that for the last stupid number of years music took a back seat, even though it was always my first love.

I was born in London and am influenced by good melodies from all genres, Gershwin to Radiohead, but I have strong roots in pop and country-pop/rock having grown up listening to the US charts more than British ever since I was 5. In fact, as I additionally lived in Manhattan for a while and went to a film school there so I  feel pretty much like a pseudo-All-American girl as I am at home there as soon as I step off the plane to visit friends. I came home speaking with an American accent so convincingly I auditioned for American roles in the UK, in front of American Directors who didn't believe I was British! But I'm proud to be a Brit of course!

I was never brave enough to be a front singer before but was always a songwriter and bit part guitarist and (very basic) piano player writing the songs and adding a few “ooh” and “aahh” backing vocals to choruses. I went on holiday to Croatia in late October 2012 and had not played seriously for over 5 years but from nowhere I had 10 songs in my head virtually finished like in a dream. I always believed I could sing my own songs pretty well and decided to finish them on my guitar when I got back to the UK and maybe record them as a test album for some fun. After all, if I was just singing in my bedroom then I was safe and there’s only me to beat myself up. But somebody close to me who heard my songs developing told me I should actually let people hear them and I should start to take this seriously, so I set off as a solo artist and I’m a little braver now.

As a professionally trained actress, I love acting as much as music. I have done some modelling as well but lack of time made it impossible to do all of these together so I had to make a choice for a while. Music took over again, which was where I started as a child and where I can truly be myself and let out my thoughts and feelings. I consider myself to be an entertainer but not limit myself, so I hope I act and model a bit naturally through my music too. The biggest gift for me is that somebody somewhere can relate and enjoy my music and get something out of my melodies and words, to make them feel better or give them hope.”

Marcie Mycroft’s first officially released album ‘Valid’ was released in January 2014 and her follow up album ‘Crave’ was released in July 2014. ‘Bed’ was released on 25th May 2015. 'When We Were Raw on 4th January 2017 and 'Fear  Less on 16th December 2019. All songs written, produced and mixed by Marcie Mycroft.