A clear direction

I have decided my music career is here to stay and I can run it quite happily with my career as an actress. There is no law to say I have to choose between two things I love and will never give up on, and if anyone is so shallow to suggest I am not 'focused' then they don't know my capacity and desire to express myself via mediums that make me grow and feel free. At the moment things are pretty quiet but If I find music or acting is taking me in a direction where I have big opportunity I will decide then and that will take over for as long as it lasts, but I will still always leave all of my doors open to cameo in and out. I love songwriting and the expression it allows me is the same to playing a character and making her come alive through my inner monologue and own feelings, so having two outlets and using both can only help me get better as both an actress and singer/songwriter. I remember once when I was studying for my Marketing Diploma we were told that a film maker, when asked what business he was in replied "making movies". It was suggested that in order to grow he should really define his industry as "Entertainment". So I am happy to be an entertainer and what I do next could be anything...enough said :)

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