A Princess for one day

Since I last blogged on January 16 I have been really busy. After seeking some festival gigs and finding out that some of them won't allow me to use backing tapes, I have advertised for a band. Having been in a few bands I know it is not going to be easy finding musicians to work on the 'Marcie' project and material rather than just wanting to be musicians in their own band. Of course I will credit and reward everybody who ever performs with me as much as I can but I know from my own experience it was always about being in a 'band'. This is a band though, Marcie Mycroft, and so long as they buy into my music (and I am open to songwriting collaboration too) and it maintains my style and sound then I am happy. I will just keep a tight reign on 20 minute drum solos and glory seeking guitar riff gods who want to solo over my singing too much! Good musicians don't do that and it's about a team effort and the final product, but I have auditioned and jammed with those types before so I am ready to meet all types. I love innovation and really need some boys in my band to help now, this is exhausting!

On Tuesday I was shooting two videos for 'Fine' and 'Valid' and it was wonderful. I have been asked to do an interview in a magazine in March about it so I won't steal that thunder, suffice to say it was great to do some acting again and to be a Princess for one day. All of the clothes in the films are my own by the way so I hope they fitted the story lines and me :)

I am glad to have over 700 Facebook followers now and that my music is very slowly getting heard. I was thrilled with Kevin Mann's review of my 'Valid' album in his column in 'Love Music Magazine (Issue 8)' and that although I have a deep and dark unusual voice, he saw some good in my songs I think. I wish I was squeaky, shrilling and warbled but I can only sing as I feel and to fit my own songs and key so that is my USP I guess. I think there are lots of awesome singers (Alanis Morrisette, Bob Dylan, Bowie, Amy Winehouse etc..I love them all) who have characteristic voices that people either love or hate. Alanis is my idol but one of my best friend's says she can't stand her "whiny voice" so I am ready for the haters there too about mine. They are my songs and I sing how I feel and as best I can within my own range and I don't kid myself I'm a 'proper' singer with a three octave range, many of who I know are still also sitting in their bedrooms thinking about having a go at music one day. I know this is never going to be easy and I will get all kind of flak from people who don't know me but will try and spoil my party but I am strong enough now to keep to my music and think to myself "...and you are?" so that I hope it will never get to me. If people don't like my husky voice and weirdness then there will be no apologies anymore nor will I be having any feelings of inadequacy, and my answer would be "go and listen to the Bombay Bicycle Club instead then"!!

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