Dungaree Man at Midnight

I had to sing 'Dungaree Man' last night at around midnight, because it was pin drop quiet and I turned the lights off and sang it in the dark with my eyes closed a lot and really felt it more. My songs matter to me. This one is about anybody who realises there is more to life than ambition, greed or competition and wants to give that all up for a simple life. I guess I did that by moving to the country in some ways. It's about retiring and running away too, so a 'Dungaree Man' is my way of finding a simple uncomplicated person who does not need material things to be happy, or has retired and now enjoys the quiet life. It's not so much about me, I like being busy and no way want to retire I would be bored to death!

Some of my songs are semi personal and what I may have wished for sometimes or dreamt for but a lot just comes to me from somewhere else, so I write them to fit something I can relate to mildly. It's like in Method Acting where we draw upon an emotional situation we have lived and superimpose that into the scene or onto the character opposite us, so if we cry we are crying for real and not acting. I do that with the ideas I have so I really feel the words and situation more. It took me an hour to come down afterwards, I was hyper and emotional...but happy, I love what I do and know my songs are improving now. Next stop, I want to have some professional singing lessons and get my songs re-mastered and mixed professionally too to see how they can sound :)

'Dungaree Man' may not be online for a few weeks and I'm off to Australia soon for a holiday but the video will be out there online when my camcorder is repaired. I may even shoot it in Australia :)

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