My big 'Bed' debut show

Last night I played my first show, at Gun Factory Studios in London, after three years since I set out as a solo artist. I decided to do an online streamed concert as an experiment, not only with technology but also because I wanted to reach as many of my fans and followers in the music markets of the world. Additionally I'm pseudo American in many ways and realise my sound lends itself to the sounds and genre of country too so it decided to play as late at night as I could in the UK allowing for studio time and rules, so my show went out at 10pm from London. I wanted to play at 1am so may another time if I can arrange to have the help. The show also gave me the chance to put myself up there under pressure doing something I love so I hope that came through in what you were watching, because I felt so free and relaxed and on the biggest high for ages. Now I know I'm a 'proper' performer and nothing will ever faze me. I'm my biggest critic and will work even harder now to be good value and bring smiles and fun to what I do and share my heart with you in my songs.

I arrived at 5pm and we had lots of technical issues with the streaming and my laptop wasn't working so I was thankful to Kevin Jacobs from Live Nation for being there and managing the entire output for me.
The show itself went well and I learned so much about how important it is to pace myself and my voice, but only because I ended up shouting a bit at the end after lots of rehearsing earlier. Next time I will just sing a few lines of each song in rehearsal, but most importantly I want to have some singing lessons personal to me so I can improve my range and save my voice! I will be looking around for the right teacher soon and am already having piano lessons every week so my life is totally consumed with my work as a musician now, and I have even more absolute belief in my songs and direction.

When I have the show footage I'm planning to make some highlights videos and want to book some live shows at festivals next year. Much as I enjoyed playing the pub and night club circuit in past bands I want to reach out to different audiences this time. It's taken three years to shape my sound and I know exactly what I want to do next and my next album will contain similar 'Marcie' sound songs that I want people to relate to and hopefully get me I'm the process. I hope to get to your city soon to play live and my dream is to come back to New York and visit the Upper East and West sides I loved when I was living there....gossip girl... xoxo

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