My Debut in Print

I've had a busy few weeks writing new songs and still practicing most days. Unfortunately I have no news or feedback from any of my gig or band search adverts or applications yet, but it was good to be featured in Love Music Magazine's March issue. I am actually pretty used to doing interviews including face to face ones and films from my former experiences as a model and actress, but answering questions about music is closer to my heart. I could have given the usual standard answers about being influenced only by a vision from God and born through hardship to play music in order to follow my “dreams” but I decided I would just be myself. I’ve pretty much blogged for years and written in forum and network media posts I had done. I think being professionally qualified in Marketing and having years of experience helps too, but nevertheless I will never fake my answers or try to make them more attractive just to be popular. It was hard for me to write about having a bad lisp and looking back on having to have speech therapy and voice lessons but it was my interview and what I thought was something personal from me that the readers may have wanted to know. I also remember my first day in Drama school there were a group of disruptive guys who took the place over and mocked my speech in front of all the other students. I wanted to leave but I stayed, they left, and I went on to finish what I started, I am no quitter ever. Anyway I don’t kid myself I have gotten anywhere at all at this stage of my music career, but all I know is that I have made a small start but far more progress than I ever imagined as a solo singer. I still can’t believe I am out there alone and I can speak better, without hiding behind the singer!

My Facebook fan following and YouTube views are rising and my ranking in the Reverbnation charts has taken me up to #7 for all genres in Cambridge, but these are small steps that will at least mean a few more people are hearing what I do.

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