The Overnighters

I said in my last blog post I would concentrate on rehearsing my set but I lied! I started humming a tune on Monday morning in the kitchen, and within an hour or so I had it down complete on my voice recorder. It felt so meaningful to me that I had to record it, so I was up until 2am recording it ('And Lost') that day! Yesterday I heard it again in the morning and had the video idea in my head too, so I spend 10 hours filming and producing it and getting it online. Most times I write a song and leave it for a while and slowly add bits and plan it in to record for my next project/album. But sometimes these things just happen, and when they do I go with my heart because these are the moments I will probably write my best songs. 'My Sweet Armageddon' and 'Bet on Me' were the same, so the first three tracks on my next album are all overnighters.

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