Unravelling Like a Diva

Yes I'm "Unravelling like a Diva" at the moment, which is a line from my song 'Autograph to You' I was working on today. It's funny how things look different a few months on. I recorded this song on 28th September last year (2013). I wasn't happy with it being good enough for my 'Valid' album so I left it out; it was too busy and messy. It's a pop song with a bit of a country rock feel but I've found myself singing it ever since and it's grown on me. I went back to it over the weekend and added some bass and a remix, and I'm doing the vocals again late tonight, but much better. Since I had some lessons I can hear the difference in my voice from the first 'Autograph' version in September :) I think it's going on the new album. It's hard to know if it really is up to my fussy standard or I just got used to it, but it's catchy enough so I hope you will like it too...assuming I don't change my mind again. The new album should be ready around October but I may take longer if I'm not happy with it then. I'm looking around for a good mastering studio in the meantime.

I've also finished recording all the music for Demigod and mixed it on the way so I just have the vocals to do this week hopefully, then that's two songs in the new album can. I may have 14 or 15 songs on the next album because I have that many sketched out that I'm singing every day and liking, so I may include extras as 'Bonus' tracks.

I am waiting on confirmation that I will be appearing at a UK open air festival in the summer and I was very excited to get a reply from them with their initial interest. I love playing outdoors and there is a top name band on the bill (OMG I am dying to say!), so I hope that if I get a slot I will be on the same day as them.

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