NEW ALBUM NEWS : 'When We Were Raw'

I've just scheduled my new album 'When We Were Raw' for digital release on December 5, because I have some big personal tragic stuff to deal with at the moment so I'm taking every day at a time and living…Read more

Hands Clean

As a big Alanis fan I loved 'Hands Clean' and as I have neglected my fans on social media for a long time (but not in my heart and mind) I thought it was time I explained.

Recording my 'Bed…Read more

My big 'Bed' debut show

Last night I played my first show, at Gun Factory Studios in London, after three years since I set out as a solo artist. I decided to do an online streamed concert as an experiment, not only with technology but…Read more

Staying on my marks as a trolley dolly

Music took a back seat the past couple of weeks to deal with a lot of emotional personal relationship stuff but now I am back and ready to go again. Despite the angst I have with my esteem and self…Read more

Loving the hate but doing it for the love

I was out an about last week shooting videos for tracks on the 'Crave' album and learned even more about photography and video editing. I had additional help this time, but ended up doing an extra unplanned outdoor shoot for…Read more

Living in the moment

My latest album 'Crave' is now available (19 June) for download and/or streaming from Amazon. iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and many more. I will write about the experience and progress in my next post but today I wanted to say…Read more

It's so positively nourishing to say

....That ....I've just finished putting down all of the music tracks and arrangements for my forthcoming new album 'Crave', after four months or so and many hours of late nights. I've not decided the final track running order listing, but…Read more

It's Crave!

It's official, my new album will be called 'Crave' and most of the songs have been agreed now, plus I managed to do the artwork and agree on the best image after some great feedback from you my lovely friends…Read more

Unravelling Like a Diva

Yes I'm "Unravelling like a Diva" at the moment, which is a line from my song 'Autograph to You' I was working on today. It's funny how things look different a few months on. I recorded this song on 28th…Read more

New songs and my Writing style

I have a lot of new songs partially written for my next album and just finished 'Cry it Out' today and have laid down the drum track. Next up is to work on the music next week so I am…Read more

My Debut in Print

I've had a busy few weeks writing new songs and still practicing most days. Unfortunately I have no news or feedback from any of my gig or band search adverts or applications yet, but it was good to be featured…Read more