It's so positively nourishing to say

....That ....I've just finished putting down all of the music tracks and arrangements for my forthcoming new album 'Crave', after four months or so and many hours of late nights. I've not decided the final track running order listing, but these are the songs:

1. Brag
2. Demigod
3. Freefall
4. Crave
5. Reputation Points
6. For saying Yes
7. Dignity in a shell
8. Autograph to You (All’s Fair in Love)
9. Do it for the Love
10. Cry it out
11. One of Those
12. Don’t make me Bitch

I've had lots of mini stresses and strains, and I only realised yesterday that my posture is not good when I'm sitting down playing or leaning over the mixing desk, and that's why I've had all kinds of nervous tension and muscle strains. I had blood tests for anemia and allergies because I have been so tired too but they didn't find anything yet so I think it's just that I've been overdoing things. Also I had extreme hypertension and tingling in my hands from too many hours without a break, and nowhere near enough water so that I've dehydrated. I've stopped drinking too much coffee too because that was making it worse and there have been tons of tears. My sleep pattern has been bad for ages.

Today I am a bit better and drinking lots of water and lemon to help my voice ready to sing for you! The good news is I have done the hardest part so will be laying down the vocals over the next few weeks and singing my new songs acoustically so I can feel more free when it comes to the ad-libbing :)!

There are a lot more keyboards on this album and I have tried some new beats, but I think it is very much a progression from 'Valid'. All the songs have my sound and I think fit together as a collection. I will spend an age mixing it this time after learning so much about levels and production so I hope I will get it right first time.

I EXPECT 'Crave' to be submitted for distribution to the online stores around the beginning of August, so it hits my October target at the latest. Some stores and streaming sites can list it within a few days, others can take 6-8 weeks. I will upload it to my own website as soon as it is ready, which will have samples of every track. I will keep you posted though and upload some samples and full versions in sites such as Reverbnation so you can hear it first!

Here's a sample lyric line from the title track 'Crave'. I wrote it for a girl I was thinking about, which is very left field and unique for me, but I had to write about it because it's been on my mind a lot.

"In an ordinary world a lot of gumption gets the girl
But it’s so positively nourishing to say….that I ....

Crave for you
I wanted to stay with you
I made a mistake with you
I crave for you"

Enjoy the sun!

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