Loving the hate but doing it for the love

I was out an about last week shooting videos for tracks on the 'Crave' album and learned even more about photography and video editing. I had additional help this time, but ended up doing an extra unplanned outdoor shoot for 'Cry it Out' the day before the scheduled studio shoot on Friday.

On Thursday afternoon we went out to look at a future location and found a wonderful picturesque backdrop by the river with some boats moored. My helper, who is fast becoming like my manager too, only had an older camera in the car with him but we decided to use it to see how we would work together. The location was so good and the weather so bright and sunny that we found ourselves there for over an hour, so we shot the video there and then. The quality is low resolution but good enough to view at smaller screen resolution 640 pixels (for media buff techy fans!), so I uploaded it to You Tube as I was pleased with the scene and what I did with the song completely improvised. I only chose 'Cry it Out' that day on the spot because it has the line "I won't let myself sink" and as we were out on the water it was sink or swim! I didn't consider it one of my strongest tracks when I wrote it and made the album, but the feedback I've had has been positive and I like it more now, so it was a fortuitous choice after all as my first would-be 'single' from 'Crave'.

I did get one odd 'hater' comment about my singing, but I know I am unique and have a weird voice anyway so please don’t compare me with ‘The Voice’ or X Factor ‘proper’ singers. I'm not a fan of You Tube 'likes' and 'dislikes', because it encourages trolls and anyone who does not personally like me or is intent on trying to bring me down, assuming they think as an unsigned pauper new artist I am 'up there' in some way... so I take that as a compliment :D. Rihanna's song 'Dem Haters' sums it up well, and one of my true fans said "If you have haters you're doing good", so that made me smile with gratitude, what a fabulous line to believe in! My simple view is to ignore haters because they don't matter or affect me, so it's all for nothing.

The following day we were in the studio shooting videos for 'Dignity in a Shell', 'One of Those' and 'Brag' so I can't wait to see them finished soon. I'm practising piano every day and rehearsing the 'Crave' songs that will be in my live show, once I am ready (and get some chances set up), and there is a lot of marketing to do so I am always trying to be the best I can be at this to stay ready to perform as an artist. That's all I can ask of myself and the rest is out of my hands.

I am very happy though I stuck with finishing 'Crave' when I wanted to die some days. Now there is no stopping me and I'm here to stay. I'm already writing for my next album next year, and may release a few 'singles' of new songs I write that can't wait until they find their way on the album! Thank you for believing in me and supporting me, it means a lot and I owe you all a personal hug one day :D

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