Staying on my marks as a trolley dolly

Music took a back seat the past couple of weeks to deal with a lot of emotional personal relationship stuff but now I am back and ready to go again. Despite the angst I have with my esteem and self image I guess I'm lucky I can channel that through my songs, but I realise not everyone has that outlet, so if I come across as needy and self analytical in my songs sometimes then it is actually part of my healing process that you get to share . Last week was busy with regular Jane daytime stuff and I was partying yesterday and it is good to have so much manic variety in my life right now. I have some great new tunes in line to be recorded and am actually listening to Radio 1 again which helps me keep current, but I'm back in Live Set mode now for a while and will be in touch with some festivals again for next year.

I still want to record maybe four more music videos for 'Crave' songs so I will be discussing that with my team this week and hopefully we can do this before the weather changes. I knew I had to record the 'Crave' and 'Autograph' music videos in the sun because I visualised halycon days and a taste of the country when I was singing them. The remaining songs can be shot in the studio so I'm looking for sets where I have enough space to give me the same freedom...and annoy my videographer and AP by not telling them when I'm going to leap out of shot!..although I am getting better at staying on my marks now. Some film sets are good for tight camera work, but not so good for long shot or moving 'dolly' type motion shots so this time I need to think about what I MIGHT do in the videos, although I will always be an improviser since I trained in it :) Of course with a mega budget and Sony studios to manage my entire choreography I could put myself anywhere and play any scene, but we are small fry right now and I have an amazing team that make brilliant stuff and work so well with me, so if I ever did get a big budget then I would keep the same team to manage it we can all all learn by doing.

I'm really grateful my fan base is growing but I still dream that somebody somewhere may accidentally share my songs to a Mr Big music mogul who has a zillion Facebook followers and I can at least get it heard by the size of audience I need to reach. I don't have the money to do it myself or the know-how so every little bit of help you, my friends, can give me to share my music with your friends is one step closer to my dream. My dream was never fame or X Factor, my dream was always affirmation in my music and acceptance of myself. I would love my words to make a difference to lots of people and my melodies to become songs people will want to sing in their smallest room too, so any name dropping with 'Marcie' in it would be welcomed.

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